Shift in economy needs to happen.

Mt. Shasta, Photo by Marta Stemberger, 2007

Greed cannot be healed by giving out of plenty. It can only be healed by a change of heart, by replacing the desire for more with the empathy for others.

The exchange needs to happen in the spirit of equality and respect for each other, with full awareness of the impact that human actions have on the micro and macro environments. We need to – each one of us – develop an acute sense of the effects that the smallest action has on the whole community, humanity, Earth, Universe.

The fundamental change in economic principles needs to take place to enable a fair and sustainable exchange of goods and services. The good of charitable organizations cannot offset the bad of profit-driven businesses. Philanthropy is not a solution, not a good enough one. Non-profit organizations, charitable contributions, tax-deductible donations can only function in the world where the excess of money exists, governed by greed-driven behavior.

Shift in economy needs to happen. Some trends are already noticeable – see articles on Impact Investing, Progressive Vision, The Gift Economy – but we need more.

May the spirit power of the reborn sun dissolve human illusions and delusions.
May each soul wake up and find a true connection to its inner radiance.
May awakened human beings create networks of light and love across the worlds.

Let’s choose COMMUNITY in 2015.