January 23, 2015

“Singing in Harmony” featured image:

Dream Worlds (10), “An Anthem For The New Year”, Original artwork, Colored pencil and pen, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran

The Stars once spoke to human beings.
It is the world’s destiny that they are silent now.
To be aware of this silence
Can be painful for Earth’s humanity.

But in the deepening silence
There ripens what human beings speak to the Stars.
To be aware of this speaking can become
the strength for the Enlightened Souls.

Rudolf Steiner to Marie Steiner, December 25, 1922
(Rudolf Steiner, Verses and Mediations, English trans. by George & Mary Adams, Rudolf Steiner Press, UK, 2004; 1961, pp. 96-97)
This translation revised by Marta Stemberger.


In this defining age of awarenes,
we are the awakeners,
the mutual enchanters
of our consensus reality.
As reflections
of the jewel in space we call
we carry a new world
in our hearts.
If consciousness is above all else
then at our best,
are we collective joy?
Keep reaching.

Sandra Pastorias, Mother Tongue Ink 2014, p. 25

January 7, 2015

“We mold our lives in clay and light.” (Pablo Neruda)

“Changes that are forced into being are always temporary. But changes that are loved into being are permanent.” (Louise Hay)

“Love of ease and comfort are among the most widespread characteristics of contemporary humanity. If we should inquire the reason that most people fail to do something, the answer invariably is, love of ease! Whether we turn our attention to the most important things of life or to mere trifles, love of ease permeates them all. To hold onto the old, not being able to shake it off, is a form of ease. (Rudolf Steiner)

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